Is Your Wireless Signal Weak? 

Our wireless and site survey planning will help you avoid unnecessary delays and continue to build your network without any obstacles. The use of streaming requires your Wi-Fi needs to be high functioning, and CompuTech has the resources and expertise to make it happen!

Are Your Browsers Taking Too Long to Load?


Our survey will determine the following:

  • Number of access points needed to cover your entire building and provide your users with a fast and reliable experience
  • Locations of all areas with weak or no signal
  • Optimal configuration for your wireless network
  • Required throughput for specific applications to run reliably though your wireless network


Does Your Connection Drop When You Go From One Room to Another?


With our specialized equipment and software, we are able to help you get optimal coverage within your company. Our wireless site survey enables us to locate specific challenges that your situation presents.  A site survey uncovers any slow or dead zones, and areas with frequency interference.