Assessment to Optimize & Protect

Upgrading or selecting your organizations's technology systems are crucial and costly decisions. CompuTech can improve the process by adding experience and knowledge to your team.



Our approach to fully assess your system are as follows:

1. Define Business Plan

Every business is unique so we take the time to understand your company's process. We then evaluate your specific technology needs based on the innerworkings of your business.  

2. System Evaluation

Your business's IT systems, existing service agreements, and technologies are extensively analyzed and reviewed. We will review new additions and modifications that will enhance your business model.

3. Selection

After reviewing your technology assets and needs, recommendations are given to your company.  Optimal service agreements are then provided to give you extensive product options with top vendors.

4. Implementation and Conversion

We will both timely and accurately establish products to fit your business model. Train staff and continously support the project. 

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