Enhancing Scalability and Cutting Costs are Benefits of Cloud Services

Cloud Services is a delivery of on-demand computing resources, allowing you to reduce costs, enhance scalability, acheive greater collaboration, and have rapid recover when a disaster strikes


Some examples of cloud solutions we offer

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 gives your business access to the best Microsoft applications with complete access:

  • Rapid uptime with automated backups

  • Access to emails, calendars, contacts, and files from any device or location

  • Edited to your business needs and users

Data Back Up 

 CompuTech's complete data storage on the cloud makes it simple to restore servers and workstations in the event of a disaster or system failure:Fully protect your organizations files, folders, applications, or entire systems

  • Enrypt data to fully secure your confidential information while complying with policies such as HIPPA and GLBA

  • Decrease downtime by bringing up failed servers or applications in minutes

  • Save time by not having to manually back up data

Virtual Desktops

Virtual Desktops allows you to easily access all your business applications anytime, anywhere to improve efficiency

  • Enhance mobility of your staff by enabling their desktop information/applications to be accessed anywhere

  • Stay protected convienently with comprehensive security, backup power, and scalable internet bandwidth.

  • Flexibility to grow and scale infrastruce as needed


Industry Specific Solutions

The CompuTech team can determine how your business can specifically benefit from cloud services. We can quickly implement solutions after reviewing your business plan and what benefits would be best for you.